Are you ready to land the job you’ve been dreaming about?

This course will help get you the support you need to stand out. No matter what the struggle is for you, there is a proven approach to standing out and nailing your interviews and you can learn it.

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work 1-on-1 with ashlee

Reflect, Prepare, & Articulate: The Secret Sauce to
Standing Out and Nailing Your Interview

Interview preparation is all about creating a mindset that cultivates and inspires self-confidence. When working one on one with me, this is exactly what we focus on.

Prepping for your interview is the final piece of the puzzle. It really is the cherry on top after you’ve done the networking and perfected your resume. It’s the time when you finally get to meet your future team! The interview is where you get to showcase what you are really made of, how your skills will benefit the new company, and how your strengths will add value to their team.

When you join the program, together we'll focus on:

  1. Nailing Your Elevator Pitch: Knowing who you are, why you are the best fit for this role, and the value you bring to the company is KEY in interviewing.

  2. Crafting Amazing Answers: We’ll pin down why you want this job and practice the questions you should having amazing answers to prior to your interview.

  3. Confidence/Mindset Mastery: Confidence gets you jobs. This is a proven fact! We will reflect on your work experiences, your day to day duties in prior roles, your life experiences (because this matters too!) to get you feeling REALLY awesome prior to your interview.

  4. How to interview THEM with confidence: Remember, it is not just about how you answer questions during an interview, it is the feeling that you REALLY know about the role before you accept the position. How do you do this? By asking the RIGHT questions.

To get there, we will:

  • Complete my signature [result-oriented] interview prep assessment, where I'll ask you all the details of your interview and finding out more information about you

  • We will meet for two, 45-minute 1-1 meetings where we will hone in on your messaging, practice your answers, and get you pumped for your interview.

  • Enjoy 2 weeks follow up support after your interview, with 24/7 email access to me to support you with salary negotiations and how to carve out the perfect role for you

You'll also receive:

  • Full access to my online course, a $249 value

  • Session notes

  • Session Recordings (listen to our meetings a second time to enhance your confidence, results!)



Ultimate Career Fulfillment and Satisfaction:

Stepping into your dream role has incredible emotional benefits as you feel inspired, passionate, motivated, and living out your career purpose.

Advancement in the Profession:

Opportunities for advancement are both increasing & competitive, which means if you know how to spot them and advocate for yourself, you can grow your new job into your next big opportunity.

Financial Security:

Enjoy income that can help support you & your family, pay off student debt and grow your life.

But if you aren’t able to shine and be your best in the interview, a perfect job for you could slip through your fingers. I don’t want this to happen!

During our interview prep sessions, we’ll talk about the specifics of the role, why this role is the perfect fit for you, and the critical talking points that will land you your new dream job. We’ll find your “Aha!” moment and, after that, the magic of confidence follows! I promise! It works every time.

My interview prep sessions are meant to show you exactly what you’re worth and how to sell it. This means that, within each session, we’ll pin down why you want this job and practice the questions you should have amazing answers to prior to your interview. We’ll also discuss negotiation and how you can keep comfortable and cool throughout the entire interview.

The interview is your best chance to advocate for yourself and take your career down an entirely new, wonderful, exciting path.


Message Ashlee here to get started and schedule your 30 minute intro call ASAP!