What are Ashlee’s qualifications for being a Career, Business, and Interview Prep Coach?

Ashlee has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into her coaching practice. Read more here to find out more about her. She has coached hundreds of clients into up leveling their careers, transitioning into new roles, and launching new businesses. To be totally transparent: She believes you can’t really put a specific certification or degree to this life changing, powerful experience. Every penny earned in RX Ashlee goes directly back into funneling and growing the business. Ashlee invests her personal finances into a variety of different business and sale coaches, mastermind groups, mindset training, and life coaches herself! She really believes in the power of investing in yourself before investing your hard earned money into anything else.

Does Ashlee coach International clients?

Yes, as of October 2018 Ashlee is working with clients from all over the globe.

Where are coaching sessions held?

Ashlee works with people all over the world. Majority of the coaching calls are telephonic or via an online platform called Zoom or Skype. She has local clients in the Southern California area and meets with them locally too!

Does Ashlee specialize in creating resumes of CVs?

Ashlee has personally reviewed >3,000 resumes. Her practice focuses more on resume building instead of resume making. RX Ashlee no longer focuses on resume editing, but we work with an amazing affiliate company that does. If you are interested in having your resume professional edited, drop us a note and we will connect you!

Is Ashlee a recruiter or a headhunter?

No, Ashlee is not a recruiter or a headhunter. Ashlee has an incredibly large network and feels very committed to connecting friends, colleagues, and clients to one another. Ashlee thrives off of building connections with like-minded and motivated professionals… This is an extra special bonus that comes with being in her community!