Matt Linder

I had heard about Ashlee through a mutual friend and that she helped coach people for interviews. I contacted her during the holiday season last year. I was very surprised to get a quick response as I was told beforehand by my friend that she was out of the office for a few weeks for Christmas. I told her I was interviewing for a position at my company in 6 weeks and I needed someone to help me with the process. She not only accepted to work with me even though she was on vacation, but she gave me valuable feedback and support constantly throughout those next few weeks. She definitely understood the time crunch I was under and made it work. I could not recommend her highly enough. Her friendly, energetic personality and motivational conversations with me during the process made me completely prepared to not only do well in my interview, but in any other public speaking or networking event in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is a rock star!

/ Matt Linder /