Barkha J.

I had the opportunity to work with Ashlee as a P4 student pharmacist pursuing post-graduate residency programs. After I had submitted all my applications, I knew the toughest part had yet to come - the interviews. One of my friends had previously worked with Ashlee and highly recommended that I reach out to her. As such, I arranged a 1:1 one-hour coaching session and utilized her interview preparation course. Within our one-hour video conference, I felt comfortable enough to be open and honest about my anxieties surrounding the interview process. Ashlee helped me find ways to overcome those anxieties and build confidence. Moreover, the positive energy she exudes in her interview preparation videos is unparalleled and something to emulate. As a result of her support, I matched with the program I wanted. Moving forward, I am going to continue my relationship with Ashlee and seek her career and coaching advice. I highly recommend Ashlee as a career coach!

/ Barkha J. /