A big part of being a career strategist and CEO of a company is being able to reach out to professionals, in all industries, and arm them with the tools and knowledge they need to turn their careers around.

Whenever I have the privilege of speaking to an audience full of like-minded people, magic happens.

If you attend one of my presentations, prepare to go on a journey with me.

We’ll cover everything, from inspiration, our passions, how to best stick to priorities, and how to carve out our own non-traditional roles within your unique industry. There’s always something we can learn about ourselves as individuals and professionals, and we all have surprises within us.

My speaking engagements often focus on brand development, career pivots, and how to thrive in any career which can help all professionals frame their experiences and future successes as deserved rather than destined.

With over 50% of Americans being unhappy with their jobs, why should any of us spend a single second out of our day thinking “this is it” and feeling stuck there? Succeeding and building your own dream job can be a challenge, but it’s one I want to help you face.

For more information on my public speaking engagements, topics, and availability, please contact me here.