Career Coaching Program

Rates Available upon request

Career coaching is an investment in yourself – and that’s exactly why I hired a career coach for myself! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made because, even after I was successful at getting new clients, finding new positions, and working with awesome people, I still felt like something was missing.

You see, creating my own path within a traditional pharmacy career wasn’t easy. I struggled with imposter syndrome and started to feel like I was losing my purpose despite being in an outstanding work environment. Something definitely needed to change.

After about a month of working with my own career coach, he turned the tables on me and asked me a life-altering question: why wasn’t I coaching?

I am the type of person to have a vision, see an opportunity, or face a challenge and not let much get in my way. It takes a lot of grit, perseverance, and passion. But, here’s the thing, those are all skills you can develop.

One of my most rewarding experiences as a career coach came when a client reached out to me for help with interview prep after being rejected from 6 job interviews. He had all the experience he needed and was a shoe-in for the positions he was applying for…on paper. Through our sessions, we worked to overcome the anxiety that would choke him up in interviews and instead really sell his skills! A few days after his next interview, my client not only landed his dream job, but got a higher salary than he asked for!

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