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Accelerate Your Brand & Elevate Your LIFE:
RX Ashlee Support, Network & Focus Group

The mission of this private group of women is to grow your brand & make money doing it.

The purpose of this group is to provide a unique platform to highly motivated, skilled, & ambitious women that are universally looking to elevate both their personal presence on and offline.

The philosophy of this group is to nurture a positive environment where women can learn and develop skills as an entrepreneur from one another. This is a safe & confidential space where we can celebrate each other & hold each other accountable to our own unique goals.

The core mission of Accelerate Your Brand
& Elevate your Life are:

Education - Your coaching is everyone’s coaching. The more committed you are to this experience, the more you will get out of it.

Accountability - Defining your goals so we can hold one another accountable for them. The more crystal clear we are in defining these goals, the more achievable they will be.

Mindset – Daily encouragement & support from the community; your win is OUR win! 

The requirement for this mastermind:
  • Commitment – Being 100% committed to growing your brand requires full dedication. Notice how this is not tied to hours worked, we focus on IMPACT you are making, not hours works.

  • Confidentiality – This is a safe space where we can be open, ask for feedback without having to worry about negative judgment. We 150% have your back!

  • Willingness to support others - invite each other to each other’s platforms, like each other social media, connections, network with one another, build relationships with one another, learn from each other.

  • Elevating their side hustle into a full time business and want to brand themselves as experts in their perspective industry and field.

When you join... Over six months,
you will receive:
  • One Group Coaching Session every first Thursday of the month from 5pmPST time to 7pmPST time

  • Drop-In Coaching Support 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 9amPST time to 10amPST time

  • Unlimited Access to Closed FB Group Exclusive to Mastermind Members- for accountability, feedback and celebrating wins between coaching calls

  • Two 30-minute Laser Calls by Appointment

Plus, you’ll also receive $1000+ in bonuses:
  • 6-months Access to Career By Design Membership (reg. $129/month)

  • Stand Out & Nail Your Job Interview Online Course (reg. $249)