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Strategy, Accountability, and Confidence. That is what we represent here at RxAshlee.

Here is the simple truth:

People that desperately want a career change, but never seem to find it, lack these three things:

1. You don't know what exact steps to take or where even to start (no strategy!).

2. You have ideas, but don't really follow up or do them (no accountability!).

3. You worry about what the future, and wonder if what you want is even possible (no confidence!).

— OR —

You thought you knew what to do, but you're applying to jobs and hearing crickets (no strategy — again!).


To ensure you get where you want to go, you must equip yourself with the strategy, accountability, and confidence to guarantee your success.

I mean...what could be more important than doing work you enjoy, and living a life of purpose?



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Check out my own personal experience with career coaching, then book a consultation with me to get started.

Career coaching is an investment in yourself – and that’s exactly why I hired a career coach for myself! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made because, even after I was successful at getting new clients, finding new positions, and working with awesome people, I still felt like something was missing.

You see, creating my own path within a traditional pharmacy career wasn’t easy. I struggled with imposter syndrome and started to feel like I was losing my purpose despite being in an outstanding work environment. Something definitely needed to change.

After about a month of working with my own career coach, he turned the tables on me and asked me a life-altering question: why wasn’t I coaching?

I am the type of person to have a vision, see an opportunity, or face a challenge and not let much get in my way. It takes a lot of grit, perseverance, and passion. But, here’s the thing, those are all skills you can develop.

One of my most rewarding experiences as a career coach came when a client reached out to me for help with interview prep after being rejected from 6 job interviews. He had all the experience he needed and was a shoe-in for the positions he was applying for…on paper. Through our sessions, we worked to overcome the anxiety that would choke him up in interviews and instead really sell his skills! A few days after his next interview, my client not only landed his dream job, but got a higher salary than he asked for!


With the Polished Career Pivot program, I'll partner with you, so you can:

  • Clarify what you really want in your next role 

  • Discover exactly the next steps to take, and

  • Navigate the process together (support AND accountability!)

  • Have the motivation to follow through while breaking through the fear.


I know we can because I’ve seen it REALLY work for clients.

The positive working environment, flexibility, appreciation and growth opportunities you're looking for can be YOURS. You just need to take strategic action to attract them!

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • We will get the clarity you need to say YES or NO to opportunities 

  • We will learn how to effectively communicate and articulate your career desires

  • We will ensure there is strategy and intention behind ever decision you make regarding your career transition

With the Polished Career Pivot Program you'll receive:

  • Immediate 1:1 coaching with Ashlee

  • 60- minutes of recorded meetings

  • 24/7 email and text support 

  • Worksheets and assessments to ensure success



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