How to Feel Uber Confident in a High-Stakes Job Interview (especially when you’re feeling not so qualified for the position)

One of the biggest struggles that many of my clients face in preparing for high-stakes situations, such as a job interview, is the feeling of CONFIDENCE before they walk into the situation.

Even when someone KNOWS they are qualified for the role and have the vision to make this an extremely successful position, the lack of confidence during their interview can totally throw their whole demeanor off and give the vibe of “insecure” rather than “stellar candidate.”

So, in today’s blog, I’m going to take you through my own recipe for leveling up my confidence so you can nail your interview and stay cool, calm, & collected in all high-stakes situations, such as an interview. Feeling confident is an art I’ve learned through years and years of not only investing in myself but also with working with thousands and thousands of clients… so my promise to you is this STUFF WORKS!

First things First: What’s Really the Problem?

Before we dig into the solution of building your confidence, let’s break down the problem that’s really happening when you might be feeling overwhelmed or not-your-best-self in interviews.

Think about the root of your anxiety as a “what came first – the chicken or the egg?” problem. Except, suddenly, you’re stuck wondering what DOES come first: your confidence that lands you the job OR gaining confidence from nailing your interview and getting the job.

And here is the skinny: through working with thousands of clients now, it appears to be a never-ending cycle between needing the job to get reassurance that you are legit and not knowing if you’re good enough to deserve the job.

If there is ONE thing you get out of reading this post today, it is this: getting the job will not suddenly fix your confidence or lack thereof.

I frequently hear clients talk about how they need this next job because it will improve their confidence in their abilities. But the truth is that the majority of the time this is incorrect.

It’s a big trick played on you by your mind and by allowing others expectations to seep into your vision of success.

If we land the job and suddenly become a confident expert, why are there so many incompetent yet overly confident people holding these jobs? Seems odd to me!

Unless you work on your mindset first, you may end up losing out to someone who is not as suited for the position, but has the confidence to sell themselves in that interview! #NOTHANKYOU

The Recipe to Being a Confident Interviewer

There are so many high-stakes situations that you’ll encounter in your life… Annddd job interviews are pretty high on that list!

So, here’s the way I stir up confidence whenever I need it & this is what I coach all of my interview prep clients on:

1. Invest Time Reflecting On Your Experiences

Before you go into an interview, gift yourself time and energy to reflect on all of your unique experiences. Take stock of your skills, your projects, your volunteer work, your training, your education, your unique experiences, and think about your wins, losses, and hurdles. Think about why you want the job and contemplate why you absolutely deserve this job.

Reflecting and thinking about all aspects of your interview and why you’re a good candidate is the foundation of any good interview.

Make sure you do this a few days in advance (or immediately like right now!) to give yourself enough time!

2. Get Crystal-Clear on Your WHY

One of the easiest ways that you can get tripped up in an interview is being unclear about your WHY.

  • Why do you want the job?

  • Why are you a good candidate?

  • Why would you be a great fit for the company and team?

  • What will this job for your future?

  • What will this job do for your family?

Have answers to all of these questions and make sure they’re truthful and aligned with your goals!

3. Practice and Prepare

Now that you’ve reflected and figured out your why, it’s time to practice and prepare!

Talk to your support group and bounce ideas off of them. Hold mock interviews where people can ask you anything and everything that could come up during your interview.

Review and update your resume if need be. Think about each experience listed on your resume or CV. And don’t forget to make sure that you are prepared to make a clear connection between your past experiences and why you’re good for the job!

4. Articulate Your Message

This final step is perhaps the most crucial step to building confidence: you’ll need to articulate your message.

That means preparing and talking about yourself OUT LOUD. Talk about your experiences and achievements to your friends, to mock interviews, and to yourself in a mirror!

The more comfortable you are talking about yourself, the better. Practicing and articulating what you want to say out loud will help you iron out any problems and seem even more collected in the interview. And, if you’d make sure that you stand out and absolutely nail your interview, check out my course.