Career By Design Membership: My Secret Sauce to Owning Your Career (and not having your career to own YOU!)

If you’ve been keeping close tabs on me over the last several weeks, you might have noticed that  I’ve been chatting about a BRAND NEW baby of mine: The Career By Design Membership

I received so many questions about WHY someone should join, who is the best fit for this membership, and “what is in it for them,” so I decided to open up and be fully transparent about the new community I’ve built.

My WHY behind launching Career By Design

Every single day, I have professionals sliding into my inbox asking me questions surrounding their careers.

I get questions ranging from how they should optimize their LinkedIn profile to how to stand out during a networking session to how to know when to say yes or no to a new job. Or even trickier questions, such as “How do I navigate a difficult coworker or my destructive boss?” or “How do I prepare for a second round of in-person interviews?” 

The majority of my clients come to me wanting to elevate their career, meaning they want to go after a new job, an upgraded title, or a higher salary. However, recently, I had a friend reach out to me asking about the exact opposite situation. "Ashlee, will it look bad if I go from Clinical Manager to only working 1 day a week as a staff nurse in the future? I am super motivated and I have high career ambitions, but right now my #1 focus is supporting my family," she asked.

Interestingly enough, the solution to her question was the same exact answer I give to clients who are interviewing for CEO positions. My immediate first response was: Are you crystal clear on what is important to YOU at this exact moment in your life? How are you measuring your own definition of success? Is it through title or is it being able to drop everything and be present for your sick daughter?

Moreover, what is absolutely eye opening about some of these complex career-related questions is that the people who reach out to me are not qualification specific. They range from students to assistant managers to high level executives to entrepreneurs and CEO’s. It is also not pharmacy-centric either (my initial career path, if you are just tuning in, was pharmacy!). I get the same exact questions from professors, business owners, architects, lawyers, physicians, economists, actors, nurses, and screenwriters.

So, this got me thinking - What is the specific formula or secret sauce to growing the career you want? How can you, no matter what the circumstance is, make your career (and life!) the best it can be?

Annnnddd let me tell you: The answer to this question has not only helped thousands of my coaching clients and students stand out and land (or create) their dream jobs, but it has also built extreme focus, clarity, and fulfillment in their life.

This was the MAIN inspiration for why I want to pull ALL of us together. My goal in launching this membership is to create a community that is so strong that we ALL want to see each other succeed. We ALL want to support each other develop our own definitions of success. Most importantly, we all have access to career advice that actually WORKS.

My Secret Sauce (& Solution) on Getting Any Job You Want

The answer to owning your career (and not allowing your career to own you) is what I refer to as the Trifecta Solution, and these are the THREE exacts topics we will be covering all throughout the membership:

  1. Having the RIGHT mindset  and getting out of your own way- beating your own imposter syndrome and breaking through the personal obstacles holding you back. Basically, getting out of your own head and ALLOWING yourself to think different then ever before

  2. Having the RIGHT strategy - this means you know exactly what to do to get you where you want to go, and you take consistent focused action

  3. Having the RIGHT community - the right community helps you maintain a positive mindset, face and grow from challenges, bounce ideas off of one another, and keep going until you find that perfect equilibrium of career satisfaction and AWESOME lifestyle

When you apply these 3 simple (but sometimes tricky) steps, BIG opportunities are waiting for you.

So many people call me for one-off answers, but, after working with thousands of people, I’ve realized one thing over and over again: One-offs do not work. Career development is a LIFESTYLE, it is an ART, and most importantly, it is CONSTANT. 

You see, every single one of my clients who focused on this Trifecta are committed to owning their career. They decided to LEAN IN to the discomfort that comes along with new beginnings. They now OWN their career, instead of their career owning them.

But, here's the thing, growing into this “trifecta model” can be extremely difficult to do on your own. Trust me when I say this: going through a huge pivot in your life requires more support than you'd ever imagine.

This is why I specifically launched the Career by Design Membership.

Who is Career By Design for?

This membership is built with YOU in mind.

You are a perfect fit for this membership if:

  1. You are motivated, ambitious, and want to build extreme clarity in your career

  2. YOU need tips and tricks on how to really stand out in a busy competitive marketplace and get any job (or client!) you want 👌🏼

  3. YOU are eager for a community to support you reach your unique goals in your career (and life!).... AND elevate your confidence 100x!!!! Success means differently to everyone, so let’s help you define it!

  4. You are COMMITTED and open to receiving feedback that will propel your career and get YOU to where you want to go in your career (and in your life!)

  5. YOU wanna have fun in career building instead of making it 💩

 You are NOT a good fit for this membership IF:

  1. You want a one size fits all approach to getting a new job

  2. You are looking for a simple solution to fix all of your career needs

  3. You are unwilling to put the time, energy, and commitment into this process. We need you to be ALL in!

  4. You are unwilling to accept feedback that will guarenteed jumpstart your career → you gotta trust us! You are our #1 reason why we are in this business!

  5. You hate puppies. JK, but seriously, who doesn't love puppies?

Why join with RX Ashlee?

This is a culmination of a lifetime of studying, teaching, and working on specific ways on how to specifically (and intentionally) elevate your career.

This is my #1 promise to you: these methods WORK. You have to TRUST the process.

How do I know this? Because I’ve worked with thousands and thousands of people now, so I am confident if you follow these steps, you WILL build clarity in your career (and life!) while simultaneously stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Career By Design details

Each month during this course, we will focus on a specific area in career development, and the further along we get, the closer you will be to launching (and continuously growing!) your personal brand.

And, as you might be aware, a strong personal brand leads to: more job opportunities, more promotions, more clarity, LESS work, LESS commitments,  LESS stress, LESS fear, MORE confidence, and, most importantly, a HAPPIER life!  

And if you are one of the next 20 people to join using the code RX59, you'll get in at the extra special Founders rate of $59/month (regularly $129/month).

Try it for just ONE month, show up in the community and on the calls, and watch your life and career change for the better. 

Read more and sign up for the special here: Career By Design from RX Ashlee  

If you have any questions, or want to know more about this membership and how it could help you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. :)

Can’t wait to support YOU!