My name is Ashlee Klevens Hayes. I am a Pharmacist. A Mom. A rescue dog lover. And a mover and shaker in the business world.


Here’s the thing: it may seem like some of these things don’t easily fit together. After all, what do career coaching, marketing, networking, and pharmacy have in common?

As a third generation pharmacist, I set out on a traditional pharmacy path that turned into so much more. What started as a wish to become a leader in pharmacy has allowed me to take on unique experiences and challenges and turn them into what would become Rx Ashlee.

My goal as a career strategist is simple: I want those working in the healthcare arena to rise above and beyond their already-impactful responsibilities and create a wider purpose in their life. Instead of actually just going through the day to day motions of taking care of others, how about we take a step back and take care yourself first, right? #YOLO

I pride myself on being an initiator. It’s what landed me a position as the associate director of central pharmacy operations right out of my residency program. Stepping into a role like that was huge and, really, it’s when the bigger picture started coming together. Friends, family, students, and colleagues have long turned to me for advice regarding their careers and I was able to serve as a mentor to many of them.

Since then, I’ve worked to follow my own priorities, even if that pushed my comfort zone all the time ­– because it’s absolutely necessary. Why waste even a second of your day at a job you aren’t 100% fulfilled from?

Being able to make decisions and feel undeniably confident in what we’re doing is one of the biggest struggles that young women, in any industry, struggle with. And if you’re trying to build your own unique path while working in the health profession, reaching your goals may seem like a bigger hurdle.

Helping people can mean a lot of different things, and – to me– that comes through helping other professionals make their career something truly spectacular.

And when I’m not hustling, I like to indulge in long, romantic walks through Target, hitting up the local dog parks with my two rescue dogs, squeezing in some quality time with my husband, and chasing around my 1 year old daughter.